Nestled in the cliffs of the Palos Verdes Peninsula and overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Terranea Resort has become a prime location for spotting dolphins, whales and other marine life year-round. Guests can enjoy these mammals in their natural habitat from one of the many vista points located at Terranea or on a whale-watching boat excursion just a short 8-mile drive away from our property. If you’re lucky, you may just catch a humpback whale on its annual migration journey from the California Coast to the warmer breeding waters closer to the Equator.

Whale-Watching Tips:

  • Look for the spout first Look for flat patches of water
  • Follow the birds
  • Wear sunscreen
  • Wear layers
  • Don’t forget your camera
  • Use water sickness patches or wristbands

About the California Coasting series: Take a drive along the Palos Verdes Peninsula and discover its secret gems and local landmarks.

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