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Meet Lauren Bergloff, Terranea’s sustainability leader & naturalist.

Lauren Bergloff, Sustainability Leader & Naturalist
Hometown: Redondo Beach
Associate at Terranea Resort since 2013

“I am happiest along the native plant trails. There is a lookout picnic bench across from PV Meadows with a great view of the Point Vicente Lighthouse where harbor seals bask in the sun on the rocks below. Without nature, Terranea would not be as unique and special! Terranea uses the land it is on while appreciating and celebrating its history and culture. The naturalist is just the voice of nature and the history of the land. I love sharing ‘fun facts’ with guests, locals, and associates to get them excited to share what they learned while they were here. As the Sustainability Leader, I am so proud of all of Terranea’s partnerships with both the local and global community. Last year, we were one of 10 hotels chosen to be a part of the food waste pilot project sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund, AHLA and Rockefeller Foundation. Through this program we were able to strengthen our fight against food waste, especially through the Chefs to End Hunger program. We are able to donate our unserved, safely chilled food to both the Midnight Mission and Bracken’s Kitchen through this program.”

Insider Tip: Skip the straw today! Did you know that the USA consumes and discards 500 million straws per day? Terranea Resort has switched all plastic straws to paper straws. Wherever you go, tell your server you are skipping the straw today in order to help divert waste from our ever growing landfills!