Coming Home

Enjoying the perks of ownership at one of Terranea’s beautifully appointed Villas.

There’s a little bit of magic that happens when you finally settle into your vacation … once you’ve allowed yourself to truly let go, when the concierge anticipates your needs before you do and everyone knows you by name. What if that immediate feeling of recognition and total comfort could be yours every time you return to Terranea?

For the owners of the Villas at Terranea Resort, those final moments of perfection—where familiarity, relaxation and indulgence merge into the perfect stay—come without an expiration date. For them, the lines between the comfort of home and the spoils of a luxury getaway are blissfully blurred … and the benefits are plenty.

Terranea sits on more than 100 acres of land surrounded by three sides of oceanfront bluffs overlooking the rugged beauty of the Pacific. Boasting four incredible pools—each designed to accommodate guests traveling with or without children—a 50,000-square-foot spa and state-of-the-art fitness and wellness center with both indoor and outdoor space, eight mouth-watering dining options and an award-winning golf course, it’s easy to see what draws people to this stunning resort.

But the advantages that come with being an owner are why some people choose to purchase a Terranea Villa, returning to the property again and again.

For some, those advantages include bringing family together. In a time when living states away from loved ones is increasingly common, the Villas at Terranea serve as a gathering spot—a home base for everyone to enjoy collectively, without the typical stresses that come with hosting. Family members who live in different states can purchase a Villa together, offering aunts and uncles, cousins and grandparents a place where shared memories can be built—a family destination-turned-tradition that can be passed on generation after generation through the ownership of the property.

For others, it’s about expanding the capabilities of their primary residence. Some local owners use their Terranea property as a guesthouse, a weekend getaway or as their preferred home for hosting dinner parties and family gatherings during the holidays. With full access to Terranea’s staff, owners can host a Villa full of guests—and do so while enjoying their company completely stress-free.

Owners also enjoy a dedicated resort staff during each stay. In addition to their VIP status and the number of privileges that come with ownership, it’s the 24-hour access to the Owners’ Club, a concierge that takes Terranea’s standard of service to a whole new level of excellence with check-in benefits, golf cart transportation, priority dining and more.

Imagine arriving at your Villa and walking into a fully stocked kitchen filled with everything on your grocery list … no shopping required. Not interested in cooking? Your concierge can make your dining reservations or, better yet, arrange for a chef-prepared, in-house meal.

Invite your friends to your home and enjoy a cooking demonstration from a member of Terranea’s culinary staff. Request a sunset cruise or head out for a whale-watching excursion. If wellness is higher on your list of priorities, owners have access to on-call trainers and nutritionists for a personalized experience for each return to your Terranea home.

A mere 45 minutes from Los Angeles, the Villas make an excellent spot for entertaining clients or colleagues. Additionally, owners can donate a weekend to a charity fundraiser or even offer their Villa to family and friends to enjoy.

When the owners or their family and friends are not utilizing property, the Villas can be rented through Terranea’s professional rental program, or by the owners themselves. A legacy real estate investment, the Villas can be passed down through generations or even owned by private corporations for entertaining clients.

The level of hospitality each owner receives while staying in his or her Villa is equally customizable. Whether you opt for a fully at-home feel (cooking in the kitchen and minimizing housekeeping visits) or you choose to dive into the resort experience with the finest luxuries only a request away—or interweave the two options—owners have complete control over their experience. Every moment is their own and tailored to perfection.

While this seemingly endless list of benefits, entertainment and indulgences certainly adds to the allure of the property, ownership truly takes the experience to a whole new level. Here at this majestic, ocean-side escape, a sense of community resides—a refuge with both serenity and familiarity.

The sigh of relief that comes with opening the door of your home after a long day, the ease of your local restaurant where the chef may even surprise you with your favorite dish, the comfort of shuffling through your kitchen for a midnight snack … they all exist at this world-class resort.

From the start of your drive along the coast to the welcome you receive, by name, upon your arrival, the weight of the world begins to diminish the moment you set foot on the property. Ocean breezes fill your Villa, and you are greeted daily with the most breathtaking views and a seascape rich in marine life. There is a commonality between Terranea owners because they were drawn from all over the world to the same little piece of paradise.

It’s the luxurious amenities that make Terranea a world-class resort, but it is the essence of the Terranea experience that drives people to purchase a Villa and make it their home away from home.

For more information on ownership opportunities at Terranea, visit the real estate office in the main drive rotunda, call 844-479-2620 or go online at

Written by Amber Klinck

Photographed by Lu Tapp