Building Better Futures

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles Builds Strength, Stability and Self-Reliance

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles (Habitat LA) brings people together from all walks of life to build better futures for low-income families. By helping build their own homes and paying an affordable mortgage, Habitat LA homeowners gain the strength, stability and independence that comes with homeownership. They can build long term wealth through housing, which is an opportunity that many low-income families will never realize.

Working in partnership with donors, volunteers and Habitat homebuyers since 1990, Habitat LA has built, renovated and repaired more than 1,000 homes locally and an additional 4,000 worldwide — transforming the lives of thousands of individuals in greater LA and around the world. This work could not be done without broad community support, and Habitat LA is proud to partner with Terranea Resort, a significant supporter of Habitat LA’s mission for several years.

This year Habitat LA celebrated its 30th Anniversary. As part of this milestone, they also completed the construction of their 1,000th home in greater Los Angeles in partnership with the Mulvihill family – Kaoru and her four sons – Ryan, Trenton, Mason and Kendall – who share that this home is a dream come true.

Their youngest son Kendall has cerebral palsy and had very limited access throughout his family’s apartment. When they were selected for Habitat LA’s homeownership program, they were able to move into an accessible home that could accommodate Kendall’s needs.  Wider hallways, accessible features including a roll-in shower, wheelchair ramps, and a first-floor bedroom all ensured greater independence for Kendall, now 19.  Like his brothers, Kendall contributed sweat equity hours to the home’s construction — painting, sanding and picking up loose nails on the site with the help of a magnetic dragnet attached to the back of his wheelchair.

With COVID-19 limiting everyone’s ability to work and study outside the home, providing families like the Mulvihill’s with a home that is safe, affordable and fully accessible is more important than ever. “The community has supported us every step of the way,” says 21-year-old Mason. “They mean so much to us. It’s inspiring to know that I helped build our own home and an amazing opportunity to get to know the people who helped us,” he says. “I can’t put it into words how excited we are for this new house, and this new journey we’re on.”

Habitat LA is proud to partner with Terranea Resort to help families like the Mulvihill’s achieve the stability and self-reliance they need to build a better future. During this season of giving, we invite you to be a part of this effort and help more families build better futures! Join us by visiting to donate today!