Six sensational ways to celebrate her on Mother’s Day

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1. Plan Your Dream Getaway Together

Mom deserves the world! Why not start with giving her the gift of Terranea? Purchase a gift card so she can indulge in a variety of offerings, including a rejuvenating spa treatment, decadent dining, scenic round of golf, adventures on land and at sea, retail therapy, and more!

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2. Raise a Glass

Packaged in a gorgeous gold shimmer bottle, ONEHOPE’s California sparkling wine is light in color and displays aromas of fresh green apple and nectarine with a hint of fresh baked bread. Crisp, intriguing fresh fruit reminiscent of succulent peach, sweet berries and pear linger on the palate, finishing with creamy and refreshing bubbles. This brut sparkling wine can be paired with appetizers, seafood, sushi, as well as a wide range of desserts and cheeses. Every bottle helps to end childhood hunger. Terranea proudly serves ONEHOPE wine throughout the resort.

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3. Honor Her Health

Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center Torrance and San Pedro shares tips for celebrating mom by taking care of your health and hers.

Schedule an annual mammogram by calling 310.303.6500, an important task for all women in your life who are over the age of 40. Along those lines, make all of your necessary physician appointments for both you and your family.

Moms, you do so much for your family and others – it is important to take care of YOU! Take time to go out for a walk with fresh air, try a tasty new recipe – like these blueberry muffins – or simply unwind.

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4. Quality Time

As a tribute to the famous vacation destination on the East Coast, the Cape Cod watch is an invitation to take to the high seas. Available in both non-set and gem-set versions, its attachments reinterpret the links that are characteristic of the Chaîne d’Ancre bracelet. The Tonneau model is created using a new Hermès-exclusive silver alloy, which preserves the characteristic glow of this precious metal over the years. Both models tie at the wrist with their interchangeable straps, allowing for endless possibilities for wear.

Find hers at Medawar Fine Jewelers in Rolling Hills Estates, and 310.544.0052, as well as in marea.

A Close Up Of A GlassA Glass Of Beer5. Tea For Two

Spring is here! The transition from winter into spring is all about rejuvenation, waking from a cold weather hibernation and preparing for the warmer days ahead. For 25 years, Rishi Tea & Botanicals has created functional blends to help us transition from season to season. This Mother’s Day, celebrate with Rishi’s wellness sachet blends, 100’s of loose-leaf premium teas, ceremonial matcha and chai concentrates. And when the temperature really heats up, don’t miss their award-winning premium beverage canned line – Sparkling Botanicals, which combines herbology and the culinary arts with rare ingredients sourced directly from artisan growers across the earth. A sparkling botanical tea that is light, refreshing, and formulated for flavor and function.

Terranea proudly serves Rishi Tea & Botanicals throughout the resort. Explore your favorites at and

A Close Up Of A Car Going Down The Highway6. Take a Drive

Take mom on a scenic drive in the luxurious Lexus LC Convertible and enjoy the amazing coastal views. Before heading out, stop sea beans for a variety of gourmet bites and beverages – perfect for on-the-go or making a pit stop for a picnic along the Peninsula. Take in the breathtaking atmosphere of Southern California, while enjoying the exhilarating performance and dynamic styling of Lexus. To experience amazing, visit the Terranea Experience Concierge for your curated drive map, or call 310.265.2861 for additional information.

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